Sharing and Syncing changes

Staying up to date with changes done by others

In Sturdy code changes made by you and your teammates happen inside workspaces. Similar to Git branches, Sturdy workspaces allow for isolating work efforts from one another.

It is inside of a workspace that you see and manage your in-progress code changes - you can describe what you are working on, select and undo updates. You can read more about workspaces in the article on real-time feedback

Let's say you are ready with your changes - you have gotten feedback and comments from your team, perhaps even some code suggestions.

Describing a code change in Sturdy
Describing the changes in a workspace

What happens when you press share?

In short, after sharing, the code is considered 'landed' and available for deployment as well as for other workspaces. Sturdy embraces trunk based development - in a nutshell, encouraging frequent integration of the team's work. Frequent sharing of small incremental pieces of work avoids creating distance between developers as well helps in avoiding conflicts.

Codebase changelog
After a change has been shared from a workspace it will be visible in the codebase's changelog above the workspaces.


After a new change has been shared from a given workspace, all other workspaces are then no longer up to date with the main copy (trunk) of the code. This is similar to when a Git branch is behind the 'main' branch. Because Sturdy is aware of all workspaces, it is able to indicate when you are behind and prompt for syncing. In some cases it could also sync automatically.

Codebase changelog
Indication that the workspace is behind

If there happen to be any conflicts between the code from the trunk and that in the workspace, Sturdy allows you to resolve them visually in the browser or manually in your text editor of choice.