Learn how to use Suggestions in Sturdy

Sturdy's draft changes gives you real-time superpowers. All of the code that you create in a draft is instantly available for your team to review and feedback on.

Draft changes are powerful and allow you to comment and collaborate in real time. In this documentation we'll go through how to use Suggestions, to give feedback and suggest changes to a draft — directly from your editor or IDE.

  • Share feedback directly from your editor
  • Explore any drafts from your IDE, with powerful code navigation
  • Give and take feedback, without leaving your editor or browser
  • No copy-pasting, and no commands to run on the command line

Let's setup a project, invite my friend Thomas, write some code, and take a look at how to use suggestions!

Here we are. Gustav has created a fib() function, but it has a slight bug (the result is never printed! 😱).

Thomas, reviews this code, and spots the bug. Instead of leaving a comment, that would instruct Gustav how to fix the bug. Thomas decides to leave a suggestion with the fix instead. He does this by pressing the green Open for suggesting on ... button.

With this single click, all files from Gustav's draft change are transferred to Thomas computer. If Thomas had any unsaved changes, they would be saved and will be automatically restored when he goes back to his own draft.

Any changes that Thomas makes in his editor, are automatically sent as suggestions to Gustav. No action required!

Gustav now gets a notification that Thomas has made suggestions to his draft change, and can decide to either take the suggestion, or dismiss it.

By clicking Take suggestion, the suggestions from Thomas can be instantly applied to Gustav's draft, and are downloaded to his computer.

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