How to edit code

With Sturdy, you access and edit your code with any local IDE or text editor — no different from what you are already used to.

After you have created, imported or joined an existing codebase:

  1. Navigate to the codebase by selecting it in the sidebar on the left.
  2. Connect a directory where you want to have the code by clicking the "Connect directory" button.
  3. Select a directory where you want to have the code in. Sturdy will create a new directory inside the directory that you select with the same name as the codebase.
  4. You can use the folder for accessing and editing code with any IDE or text editor (tip: Use the "Open in Visual Studio Code"-button for quick access)
  5. Observe that a new draft change named "Untitled Draft" was created

Next steps: How do I ship software to production

ℹ️ Any time you create code changes, they "happen" in a Sturdy draft change. Drafts provide isolation, just like Git branches — it’s where you work. The main difference between Sturdy and others is the highly automated workflow that it enables.

As you write the code, you can see your changes in Sturdy, undo them, ask for feedback or ship them to production — all of this is just a click away. You can read more about how Sturdy interacts with Git on this page .

Coming soon: It will be possible to toggle an auto-sync option on a draft change. With that enabled, you will always get the latest changes by others.