Launching Sturdy for Desktop!This week at Sturdy

Gustav WestlingDecember 7, 2021

Hey! Here’s a summary of all of the latest and greatest features available in the latest version of Sturdy.

Launching Sturdy for Desktop!

We’re now launching the Sturdy app for Mac and Windows! A big thanks to all beta testers and early adopters.

The app makes it incredibly easy to manage your connected computers, and to connect new ones. From now on, you’ll never have to touch the terminal to use Sturdy!

Download now!


Code suggestions to workspaces have gotten a major improvement, mostly behind the scenes, but also improvements in the app.

When you’re suggesting to another workspace, you’re now suggesting from a “lightweight” workspace, that appears in the sidebar underneath the workspace that you’re suggesting to.

This allows you to both disconnect and reconnect to your suggestions, and resume the suggesting later. You can also have multiple suggestions from different workspaces.

And much more! Give it a test by inviting a collaborator to your codebase on Sturdy, and go to an active workspace of theirs.


The “selection” of files and hunks on the Workspace page has received a huge facelift! Take a look:


Sturdy now comes with built-in search for code! It’s available as ⌘+F in the app, and ⌘+K on the web.

Advent of Code

Sturdy is happy to be sponsoring Advent of Code this year! Advent of Code is a combination of programming puzzle solving and an advent calendar, launching a new puzzle every day from the first of December until Christmas.

To celebrate, we’ve added support for public codebases on Sturdy, and have made our own Advent of Code codebase public! We’re doing all of the problems every day (and sometimes even waking up at 06:00 to solve them!).

Sturdy on ARM

We’re now building and releasing Sturdy for three new ARM architectures on Linux - ARMv5, ARMv6, and ARMv7 - in addition to the already existing release for ARM64.

This means that you can run Sturdy on your small and lightweight devices such as a Raspberry Pi.

You can find the downloads here.

Thanks for using Sturdy, see you soon with another blog post!
— Gustav

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