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Gustav WestlingNovember 22, 2021

Hey! Here’s a summary of all of the latest and greatest features available in the latest version of Sturdy.

Native App (coming soon!)

Sturdy has previously been a mixed experience between using Sturdy in the browser, and the Sturdy CLI (to manage the connection to your filesystem). This is finally about to change — Sturdy is going native!

The Sturdy app (for Mac, Linux, and Windows) greatly improves how Sturdy interacts with your system. The app is bundled with everything you need to get started, and there’s no longer any need to use the cli (in fact, we’re deprecating it).

No additional authentication step is required, all you need to do to get started is to download the app and log in, and you’re ready to code!

The ability to use Sturdy in the browser is not going away, but some actions, like connecting a Sturdy to a directory on your computer, will only be available through the app.

We’re looking for more beta testers (especially testers on Linux and Windows), if you’re interested, please reply to this email!

Codebase homepage

The home for each codebase in Sturdy has received a facelift! It’s now highlighting up to 4 of the latest changes in the codebase, giving you quick access to all files in the codebase (that you have access to).

Importing PRs

When you’re setting up Sturdy from GitHub, any open pull requests that you might have will now be imported as Workspaces in Sturdy. Just like before, any updates that you make to the code in this workspace, will be pushed to your existing PR.

Watching workspaces, @-mentions, and notifications

To keep your busy projects from annoying you, you can now watch your favourite workspaces, and you’ll only be notified about changes in your watched workspaces.

Interacting with a workspace, such as when giving some feedback on it, will cause you to watch it.

Sturdy now also supports @-mentions in comments, mentioning someone will always notify them, and also highlight the workspace that they were mentioned in with a badge in the sidebar.

Native CI/CD with Buildkite (beta!)

Sturdy has previously supported CI/CD via your connected GitHub repository , but we’re now happy to introduce a native CI/CD experience through Buildkite!

This is a completely Sturdy-native experience, and does not rely on git. The native CI/CD integration supports large files, file level permissions, and more. Oh, and it’s very fast!

Reach out if you’re interested in getting access to the beta, and let us know which CI/CD provider that we should integrate with next!


Since the last newsletter, we’ve shipped over 500 features and improvements, so there’s way too many to cover them all. Here are some of my favourites.

  • Connecting to a workspace has been simplified. Click connect, and you’re ready!
  • First time users now get a tutorial through Sturdy when they use Sturdy for the first time
  • Big updates to the landing page
  • Improved integration with pull requests, merged PRs are now appearing in the workspace activity feed, and more
  • API to download an archive of your codebase
  • Improved supports for files larger than 500 MB
  • Windows releases of the sturdy-cli are now signed and trusted by default
  • New codebases are seeded with a welcome workspace

Thanks for using Sturdy, see you next week (yes, really!) with another blog post!
— Gustav and Team Sturdy

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