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Gustav WestlingApril 1, 2021

Hey everyone! This week we’ve been focusing on how Sturdy can help you if you make a mistake, or change your mind about what you’re building.

We’re introducing Snapshots, which allows you to time-travel to any previous point in history, similar to the history of a Google Docs document, or Apple’s Time Machine!

With Sturdy it’s now safer than ever to do experiments or crazy refactoring, without having to worry about how to get back to a working state if your experiment doesn’t go according to plan — and according to me, this is the coolest feature of Sturdy so far!


It’s OK to make mistakes, for me it’s a core part of the development process. I write some code to experiment with a library, or an idea. The first attempt might not work out, so I back out, remove some of my code and try again! This is what the development process looks like for me many-many times per day.

Sturdy now fully embraces this workflow, and allows you to switch back and forth between stages of your code, with what we’re calling Snapshots. Snapshots are fully automatic, and allows you to restore the workspace to what it looked like at any point in the past.

I was previously hinting this on Twitter, and it’s now available for everyone!

This is what it looks like (real screenshot, of me building the feature itself)!

I’m excited to see how Snapshots will improve everyones workflows!


Sharing a change with the team

On the topic of making mistakes, after you’ve created a change (the equivalent of a “commit”), you can now easily undo it, if you for example change your mind or if you added to many or too few changes to it. Easy! Undoing takes you back to exactly where you where before the change was made.

Smaller news

Codebases can now be archived!

Changes that where introduced by reverting an earlier change, now have a link to the change that they are reverting.

If you want to use Sturdy, sign up to the waiting list at, we’re accepting more and more users every week.

Thanks everyone for reading, see you next week!
/ Gustav

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