Sturdy is no longer under active development as the team focuses on something new.

Simple & efficient code collaboration

Sturdy is a low overhead version control platform for fast moving teams.

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Have an idea
git pull
git checkout -b feature
Write the code
git add .
git commit -m "My change"
git push -u origin feature
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How it works



Automate your workflow

Think in terms of "Ship this code to production" instead of "Create a branch, stage files, make a commit, push to remote, merge". All of this, while maintaining compatibility with the Git ecosystem.

Connect a GitHub repo
Add your existing repository. Sturdy will stay up to date with changes happening on GitHub.

Repository access

  • krlvi/fizz-buzz Connected to Sturdy
  • krlvi/algorithms
  • krlvi/java-rdeps
Connect a directory
Connect Sturdy to a directory on your computer, where files will be automatically synced. Edit the code with any IDE or editor.



Skip the Git overhead

Focus on your code with a simple, highly automated workflow . No cryptic commands, just you and your code.

Stay in your flow
As you code, your changes are saved in a draft. No need to worry about branches, commits, rebasing or pushing. There is also no CLI — the simplest interface is the absence of one.
Sturdy drafts
Discover code by others
Your code drafts are like live pull requests. Within your team, you see each other's code in real-time. Explore and discuss each other's code early.
Explore drafts


Give feedback, not reviews

Velocity and early feedback are crucial for any team. Try each other's code — instead of guessing what a pull request does and LGTM-ing anyway.

Try someone's draft
Get a copy of someone else's draft code to your computer, to explore in your IDE. Edit the code to automatically create code suggestions

Update change page

By Nikita Galaiko in Sturdy 🐥

Connect ~/src/sturdy for suggesting
Ship it
When you are happy with the code, create and merge a pull request directly from your draft.

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Go to pull request
Update pull request

With a tight development loop shipping small, incremental changes become the intuitive default.

What developers are saying

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Sturdy makes it extremely easy for us to explore and try each other’s ideas during development. I can thoroughly recommend it for fast moving teams.

Kevin Simons
Kevin SimonsCTO, Kitemaker

I am just starting out on the adventure of being a freelance programmer and was looking for a tool with the functionality of Git but without the overhead of having to learn cryptic commands that obfuscate what I wanted to do with my code.

— Will Stensvold

We expect our docs and pictures to sync to the cloud automatically to Dropbox or iCloud or whatever service we use.
Similarly, Sturdy automatically sync our code to the repo and lets us focus on coding and collaboration.

— Slamet Hendry


Share feedback.

When it comes to working together on code, we believe that continuous feedback is better than formal code "reviews".

Sturdy allows you to quickly try your teammates' code on your machine. Give code suggestions by just editing the code in your IDE.

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Trying code

Get your your teammates' code with a single click.

See it in action

Suggesting code

Give code suggestions by simpy typing in your IDE.

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Taking code

Accepted suggestions show up in your IDE immediately.

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For the workflow that you're already using.

We believe that, for most software, shipping small and often is more effective than developing in long-lived feature branches.

We built Sturdy specifically around trunk-based development and continuous delivery. It optimizes for integration frequency and makes shipping of small incremental changes the intuitive default.

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Worried about compatibility? Don't be.

Sturdy utilizes low-level Git data structures, which means your code is stored in a compatible format.

Use Sturdy together with GitHub, with your team or by yourself, and benefit from a leveraged workflow.

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Don't hand-hold your version control.

Sturdy maps developer intent to concrete actions. It allows you to focus on your code and the problems you are solving, rather than manipulating Git data structures.

Think "Ship this code to production" instead of "Create a branch, stage files, make a commit, push to remote, merge" etc.

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Join the community.

Sturdy is made by engineers for other engineers. As tool builders at heart we are passionately exploring what is possible.

Join our community. Request features. Ask questions. Get help. Hang out on Discord with our devs. Contribute code. Or even join the Sturdy team.

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Begin your Sturdy journey

Sturdy in the Cloud

The easiest way of trying Sturdy.

Try Sturdy with zero setup using our free-forever tier.

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Run your own instance

Alternatively, run your own Sturdy instance.

$docker run --interactive \ --pull always \ --publish 30080:80 \ --volume "$HOME/.sturdydata:/var/data" \ getsturdy/server
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